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Pump Hire

How to prepare for and manage indoor and outdoor floods?

Flooding can occur both indoors and outdoors for a variety of reasons. Indoor flooding is often caused by leaks in the roof, pipes bursting, appliance overflows and other water system failures. Outdoor flooding happens most often when heavy rains overwhelm drainage systems and cause nearby rivers, lakes, or the ocean to overflow onto the land.


Product of the Month – The XFP80C electric submersible wastewater pump for hire

Reliable and efficient wastewater management is critical for many facilities. This month, we’re highlighting the Sykes XFP80C electric submersible pump as our product of the month for its durable construction, energy-saving design, and hassle-free operation – ideal for your industrial water pump hire needs. The XFP80C is built to withstand the demanding conditions. Its contra

Pump Hire

Our wide range of pumps for hire at Sykes Pumps

  Here at Sykes Pumps, we offer a broad selection of pumps available for hire to suit a variety of applications. Whether you need a general purpose pump for construction, a super silent pump for noise-sensitive tasks, or specialty pumps for challenging environments, we have you covered. Our automatic self-priming general purpose (GP) pumps can